Day 11: Turning Point

This is a piece of art that I decided to revisit lately. I started it at a time that was a turning point for me. The dark butterflies fluttering away represent letting go of thoughts that were keeping me where I was. On one hand it was a paradise and on another it was dark and oppressive. Once the butterflies fluttered away like dark clouds the space left behind was full of light and possibility.Day 11 Turning Point_ButterfliesEscape from Paradise
Acrylic on Canvas

6 thoughts on “Day 11: Turning Point

    1. Thank you! Yes it’s definitely a process of trial and error for me and seeing what effect works – often just smudging with a dry brush – I think it’s called ‘scumbling’ – basically using the brush to draw the way I would with a piece of graphite or charcoal. I do all my paintings in a couple of hours too so they have an unfinished quality and because I’m so impatient! Glad you like!

    1. Glad you asked! This is an original canvas painting but prints and a range of printed greeting cards will also be available. I have been so busy illustrating I haven’t had time to develop my online shop but it’s on it’s way!

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