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Draw Something

Day 1: Myself

Here goes. Not the greatest drawing I’ve ever done but hey its been a while. There was so mirror handy so my foot will have to do!

Drawing No. 1 'Myself'
Drawing No. 1 ‘Myself’
Draw Something

Draw Something!

That was the idea behind this project, which began as a Pinterest pin which led to a ‘why don’t we’ from an illustrator pal. And the Draw Something project was born! The brief is to draw something different every day for 30 days. These can be quick 5 minute sketches…I seem to be alot more time poor than I was in my art college days! I had been working as a graphic designer for some time and hadn’t illustrated anything by hand in a number of years. This was one sure-fire way get back in practice!

30 Day Draw Challenge
30 Day Draw Challenge

Day 2: My Favourite Animal

Day 2: My Favourite Animal
A young deer and an adult

Day 11: Turning Point

This is a piece of art that I decided to revisit lately. I started it at a time that was a turning point for me. The dark butterflies fluttering away represent letting go of thoughts that were keeping me where I was. On one hand it was a paradise and on another it was dark and oppressive. Once the butterflies fluttered away like dark clouds the space left behind was full of light and possibility.Day 11 Turning Point_ButterfliesEscape from Paradise
Acrylic on Canvas

Day 10: My Favourite Candy

As I recall I’ve drawn some candies on Day 3 so I thought I’d stick with the recipe theme and draw a dessert from my favourite cooking cook by Avoca – my favourite place to shop whenever I’m in Ireland 🙂

Day 10_raspberry_bake lili cabena

Day 9: Favourite TV Show

I’m not a big TV watcher, except for Grand Designs and random cooking shows so after watching Nigella cook pea and pancetta pasta on TV this morning, I thought I would illustrate one of my own favourite recipes. Going off on a tangent somewhat but I was lacking a bit on inspiration!

Kale is enjoying its 15 minutes of fame at the moment and rightly so. It takes moments to cook, it’s pretty and green and makes you feel like a super hero after eating it as it has so many darn good things packed into it! This recipe is how I like to cook kale – very simple ingredients, (feel free to add pine nuts, pumpkin seeds etc) quick to make and tastes delicious!

kale_recipe_lili cabena