Draw Something!

That was the idea behind this project, which began as a Pinterest pin which led to a ‘why don’t we’ from an illustrator pal. And the Draw Something project was born! The brief is to draw something different every day for 30 days. These can be quick 5 minute sketches…I seem to be alot more time poor than I was in my art college days! I had been working as a graphic designer for some time and hadn’t illustrated anything by hand in a number of years! This was one sure-fire way get back in practice!

30 day draw challengeSo here goes! It’s not the greatest drawing I’ve ever done but hey, it’s a start. This is drawing no.1 ‘Myself’ and as there wasn’t a mirror handy, I drew my foot. More drawings and better drawings to come 🙂

Day 1: Myself


Day 2: My Favourite Animal


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