Day 11: Turning Point

This is a piece of art that I decided to revisit lately. I started it at a time that was a turning point for me. The dark butterflies fluttering away represent letting go of thoughts that were keeping me where I was. On one hand it was a paradise and on another it was dark and oppressive. Once the butterflies fluttered away like dark clouds the space left behind was full of light and possibility.Day 11 Turning Point_ButterfliesEscape from Paradise
Acrylic on Canvas

Day 10: My Favourite Candy

As I recall I’ve drawn some candies on Day 3 so I thought I’d stick with the recipe theme and draw a dessert from my favourite cooking cook by Avoca – my favourite place to shop whenever I’m in Ireland 🙂

Day 10_raspberry_bake lili cabena

Day 9: Favourite TV Show

I’m not a big TV watcher, except for Grand Designs and random cooking shows so after watching Nigella cook pea and pancetta pasta on TV this morning, I thought I would illustrate one of my own favourite recipes. Going off on a tangent somewhat but I was lacking a bit on inspiration!

Kale is enjoying its 15 minutes of fame at the moment and rightly so. It takes moments to cook, it’s pretty and green and makes you feel like a super hero after eating it as it has so many darn good things packed into it! This recipe is how I like to cook kale – very simple ingredients, (feel free to add pine nuts, pumpkin seeds etc) quick to make and tastes delicious!

kale_recipe_lili cabena

Draw Something

Day 8: Favourite Animated Character

Growing up watching Disney cartoons, I wanted to be Rapunzel. It must have been the endless tresses of hair, plus living on your own in a tower wouldn’t be so bad, you could read books and paint and draw… So for this challenge, with a little inspiration from a Disney Princess pose (Glen Keane & Disney), I sketched my own version of myself as a Rapunzel. Nothing better after a pretty ordinary day at work than to see yourself in princess mode.

Day 8: Favourite Animated_CharacterRapunzel

Tomorrow, Favourite TV Show…

Draw Something

Day 7: My Favourite Word


Draw Something

Day 6: Favourite Character from a Book

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Draw Something

Day 4: My Favourite Place

The mountains are grand aren’t they? Green and verdant and refreshing… in a mountain spring sorta way. And on a rainy day they oh so much more beautiful.

Ok, so I’ve taken a bit of creative license here but as I’m a graphic designer by trade, I figured type is allowed. This piece is inspired by an artwork on Pinterest that I have liked for ages, and created with one of my favourite places in mind, the Blue Mountains, Australia. I hope it brings an energising breath of fresh mountain air to your day!

Original Sketch:

move to the mountains_1

Text Added:

move to the mountains_2

Green Setting Added:

move to the mountains_3

Getting Carried Away…

move to the mountains_4

This one I’ll be printing large scale and hanging on my wall:

move to the mountains_5

Geometric shapes and transparencies added:


Thanks for tuning in! More artwork tomorrow with the theme ‘My Best Friend’.

Day 3: My Favourite Food

I am pretty partial to lollies. I have been known to go through a bag in one sitting, especially when working. There are so many other foods that would be good to draw but something about the bright artificial colours of lollies made me want to create this quick sketch with heightened colours. You can almost smell the sugar!

Day3_fave_foodCharcoal, pencil & gouache on paper.

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The Most Wonderful Time of The Year

winter wonderland

Inspiration for beach house and coastal interiors

coastal interiors