Original Paintings

Painting is my first love, and something I wish I could spend all day every day doing! When I get a chance to paint, inspiration comes from nature, seasons, feelings and memories. I hope you enjoy these artworks which should bring colour and character to any home.

Commission Pieces
If the painting you want has been sold, I am occasionally available for commissions and you may be able to order one in a similar style. Contact me at lisacabena@gmail.com if you wish to order an artwork.

Acrylic on canvas, signed by Lisa O’Connor.
Ready to hang canvas paintings, shipped unmounted and unframed.

After the Rain
After the Rain by Lili Cabena. Acrylic painted on canvas.
Escape From Paradise
Escape From Paradise by Lili Cabena. Acrylic painted on canvas.


All artwork copyright of Lili Cabena unless otherwise credited.Please do not reproduce my artwork without proper credit, thank you x




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