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Day 27: Someone You Love

Day 27: Someone I Love

Day 27: Someone You Love. Pencil and Ink sketch by Lili Cabena
Day 27: Someone I Love. Pencil and Ink sketch by Lili Cabena

Here it is – quick sketch of my beau D. Don’t worry – he’s not always looking this grumpy! He’s actually delightful, just hates posing for photos!

Day 13: Comic

Today I thought I’d do a few quick portraits in a ‘comic’ style… (well, I’m not big on comics!). When I was a child I would doodle faces all day long. One day I had a thought – what if all the faces I had ever drawn had their own little world and personalities, and in drawing each one, I had made these creatures come to life?! Scary stuff for an 8 year old!

Day13_comic_Lili Cabena Illustration

Next up is Day 14: Favourite Faitytale