After the Rain

Prints & Wall Art

I just love to doodle, always have! My illustrations can be bold colours or soft pastels, on-trend geometric patterns or inspired by nature around me, sometimes hand-drawn, sometimes illustrated vector graphic or a combination of both! But always stylish and always a conversation-starter in any room!

The thing with wall art, when it’s done right, is that one statement piece can bring a room’s theme together and make the difference between an ‘ok’ interior and one that has character, one you want to spend time in, one that could rival those featured in my all time favourite blog, The Design Files!. If your room features blues, whites and neutrals, why not bring the whole theme together with some dreamy sea themed artwork. The room suddenly feels like it has personality and that’s what turns a house into a home.

My beautiful prints are pieces of art in their own right, and look great as posters hanging in your home or as framed artworks. They come in a variety of sizes to suite standard frame sizes:

SIZE: 4″x6″
SIZE: 8″x10″
SIZE: 11″x14″

They are digitally printed on high quality paper.

Can be purchased unframed or framed.

Design by Lili Cabena

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