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Too-Cute Critters on Cushions!

I have been getting some lovely feedback from those of you who have bought products from our Lili Cabena store – our cushions in particular have been a big hit! Jacs in Belrose sent in this photo of the ‘Good Vibes’ cushions on her couch – we think you’ll agree they look smashing! They definitely give the house a fresh summery vibe!

jacs cushions
A photo sent in by customer Jacs who was delighted with her Lili Cabena ‘Good Vibrations’ cushions – they go perfectly on her lounge!

Keep sending me your feedback and I love to see your pictures of where your Lili Cabena artwork has ended up in your home!

So for some Tuesday cuteness here are some pictures of cute critters enjoying snuggling up to their Lili Cabena cushions – enjoy!

Polly loves to sleep on her Lili Cabena cushion
This photo was sent in by Sarah in Waterloo who tells us her Puggle, Polly loves to sleep on her Lili Cabena cushion.
Lola snuggling up to her Lili Cabena Aqua Chevron cushion
Lola snuggling up to her Lili Cabena Aqua Chevron cushion
Bronte on her Lili Cabena Aqua Chevron cushion
But Lola has to share her cushion with her sister Bronte the Ragdoll kitten! Bronte loves her Lili Cabena Aqua Chevron cushion.

Well folks that’s your Tuesday dose of cuteness! Oh and check back to our store regularly as we are always updating our range!

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Day 16: Inspiration

Day16_inspiration_lilicabenaDay 16: My Inspiration – The Sea by Lili Cabena
Acrylic, mixed media and collage on canvas.

The week I started this blog and the Drawing Challenge, was the week I happened to be moving house. I moved to the little beachside suburb of Bronte, so I like to think my work has been inspired somewhat by living by the sea again: from the bright sparkling turquoise ocean on a hot day to the faded pale grey sea on a rainy day like today, the sea and the beach are the inspiration for my colour palette. I enjoyed playing with perspective in this piece and like how the collaged strips of paper cast shadows on the canvas and add a 3D effect to the landscape.