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Figs Watercolour & Acrylic by Lili Cabena

Day 28: Anything You’d Like

As you can tell I love illustrating food! This sketch is taken from my recipes page which I will be updating with recipes – feel free to leave a comment if you want me to illustrate any favourite recipes – I would be glad to get some ideas!

Figs Watercolour & Acrylic by Lili Cabena
Watercolour & Acrylic by Lili Cabena

Day 26: Something I Don’t Like



Staying on the subject of food, nothing really springs to mind when I have to draw something I dislike…I’m a foodie and I eat everything! I quite like pineapple but I’m pretty allergic to it so that means it’s something I can’t eat so I’ve featured it here!


Pineapple by Lili Cabena Acrylic and Ink

Only four more days of The Drawing Challenge – tomorrow… someone you love đŸ™‚