Draw Something

Day 6: Favourite Character from a Book

Jane Eyre

Well I know I’ve been slack over the past few days and I’ve a few days to catch up on, but I’ve a good excuse I promise, I moved house this weekend and it’s been traumatic!  I will catch up with the other drawings over this week.

So for Day. 6: Favourite Character from a Book, I am now actually on a work conference at the winery in country New South Wales but have decided to improvise with a 10 second Biro sketch on hotel room notepaper.

Jane Eyre is one of my favourite characters from a book for her determination, courage and self awareness. She claims her looks are plain and she has a plain way of speaking. Humble and straight forward, her thinking and language are free from embellishments and always truthful and to the point. Case in point ‘Reader I married him’, my favourite line from the book. It captures her lack of fancy embellishments and it’s this plainness, honesty and unflinching resolve I wanted to capture in this super quick sketch.

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